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Enrique Iglesias F&Q



1. Can you help me with the Event, Date & Time?
2. Where is the Venue?
3. What is the Entry time for the Event?
4. Gate Entry Information?
5. Would I be allowed in-case I am late for the show?
6. Is re-entry allowed?
7. Are children allowed for the Event?
8. What is the Age limit to buy a ticket?
9. What is the Drinking age set for this Event?
10. What benefits do I get with the VIP tickets?
11. Is there an Elevator facility available at the Venue?
12. Is there a place to park vehicles?
13. Counter set up details? (Date, Venue & Timings)
14. Can I book my ticket at the counter?
15. Do you have any outlets?
16. What is the Date of commencement of booking through the Contact centre & Website
17. Could you provide a Home Delivery for this Event?