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MTV Xtreme Tickets

MTV Xtreme


India gets its adrenalin pumping, heartbeats soaring and eyes wide open with MTV Xtreme - India`s Biggest rock music and adventure sports festival!

Extreme sport you only stayed glued to watching on TV comes alive with a mix of the best in rock music in this electric arena. Catch the American band and the pioneers of thrash metal - MEGADETH as they set the stage ablaze along with India`s leading rock music acts - Blakc, Indus Creed, Parikrama, Pentagram and Providence.

And the fun only begins with that! Be a witness to death defying acts by parkour specialist Ryan Doyle and stunt biker Rafal Pasierbek along with a host of other extreme performances as they take your breath away!

It`s time to shun the unexciting. Bring in Xtreme!