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The Hindu November Fest 2013 Tickets

November Fest 2013

Date, Venue & Tickets



This Friday Review November Fest will take you on a magical and musical tour of world music.
Coimbatore will be playing host to a wide variety of music genres ranging from the exotic to the mystic.
Take a journey through the mellifluous sounds of the blues old school melodies heart pounding beats and jazz. You will be amazed and moved by the several celebrity artistes from the world over.
The journey starts here.

November 8th - Monsorate Brothers - Tribute to Kishore Kumar:

The Monsorate Brothers and Troupe will take you on a musical journey to the old days of Bollywood. It will be an 'Evening with Kishore Kumar' you won't forget. The Monsorate Brothers boasts of five brothers who are professional musicians and all five brothers freelance in the film industry for different music directors. They have performed at the Jazz Yatra and many other Jazz Festivals internationally.

November 9th - Vidya Shah/Manganiyars/Vikku Vinakayaram:

The sounds of the south and north blend together in an exciting new avatar in this premiere show. The powerful vocals of Vidya Shah weave with the magical ghatam of Vikku Vinayakaram. Also in the show will be the superb Manganiyar singers from Rajasthan.The performance will present works of poets like Bulle Shah Rabia Al Basri and Kabir.

November 10th- Noisy Mama:

Originally founded by award-winning German drummer and composer Carola Grey as a jazz/fusion group back in New York in 1991. The show is their personal 'Noisy Mama' blend of Indian jazz-rock. These musicans have created a sound which take you into the realm of fusion and you will be left spellbound.