Armin Only Intense India Tour Tickets

Armin Van Buuren Live Concert
  • 1. INR 10 from each ticket purchase would be donated to Magic Bus.
  • 2. The Drinks/Beverages tokens purchased online can be collected from the Box Office, at the venue.
  • 3. There will be limited parking available at the venue. You can also Pay+Park your cars at "Atria Mall". We highly recommend that you use public transport or carpool. Please cooperate with the traffic management crew that will guide you to any available spots.

Sunburn Arena Armin Only 'Intense' Synopsis

Sunburn Arena is bringing the endlessly energetic Dutchman & 5 times #1 DJ, Armin Van Buuren to Mumbai this January.
Sunburn Arena alongwith Armin Van Buuren are bringing the famed 'Armin Only Intense' Tour to Mumbai where Armin will play a 6-hour marathon set which would accompany the release of his latest artist album 'Intense'.

The show will have a special focus on stunning live performances, numerous dancing acts, top-notch visual effects that have never been used in Dance Music before.

Armin Only 'Intense' in Mumbai will feature live musicians with violins, pianos & guitars to create the experience you have never seen before. Along with the world-class production and exceptional pyrotechnics & lasers, the stage will also have dancers and acrobats on trampolines to create an unbelievable blend of Theatre and Dance Music.

Sunburn Arena will also be bringing the voice behind the Grammy-nominated single 'This is what it feels like' Trevor Guthrie to accompany Armin Van Buuren onstage. The lineup also includes famed vocalists like Richard Bedford, Cindy Alma, Fiora Cutler, Laura Evans & many more.

Armin says ''Unlike today, now that its all based on short sets and quick highlights, it used to be all about the long sets, the musical trips. Thats what Armin Only is based on to take the clubbers on a 6+ hour journey into music. Through the Armin Only: Intense shows, I can tell them the full story of my Intense album in fact of everything I'd like to say.''

Sunburn Arena Armin Only 'Intense' Video