Sunburn Mumbai & Bangalore FAQs

Sunburn Mumbai & Bangalore


Q1. What are Student Tickets?
A. Student tickets are limited regular tickets that can be bought by a student below the age of 25. Student must have a current valid college photo ID to buy Student tickets.
Q2. How and where do I collect my tickets/wristbands?
A. Tickets are to be collected from the Ticket Booth at the venue over the period of the event. You will need ID proof and a letter of authorization, BOTH from the cardholder (if the card used to purchase the ticket is not yours). Wristbands will be given upon handover of the ticket. We would also need a bank transaction receipt if you have booked the tickets through 'Online Banking'.
Q3. What documents should I bring if I have booked a ticket through a friends or parents debit/credit card?
A. Photocopy of Debit/Credit card used. Photocopy of Valid Photo ID of the debit/credit cardholderValid Photo ID of the person using the ticket. Authorization Letter (Format mentioned below)
Q4. Is there any other verification that I can provide instead of a copy of my debit/credit card?
A. No, only these documents mentioned above, will be used for verification purposes.
Q5. Can I swap/upgrade a regular ticket to VIP ticket?
A. Once bought,tickets cannot be swapped or upgraded.
Q6. Will I have to be present at the venue when the tickets are being collected?
A. Yes, you will have to be present at the venue when collecting your ticket. The only exception will be made if you have used someone else's credit card to make the purchase - you will need an authorized letter from the credit card holder (Format mentioned below).
Q7. Can I buy tickets using cash?
A. Yes, you can buy tickets using cash at the 'Venue Box office' or from our 'Onground Authorized Promotional Partners' only. (Subject to availability of tickets)
Q8. How old do I have to be to enter Sunburn Mumbai/Bengaluru 2013?
A. You must be of 15years and above / above the LEGAL Drinking Age (LDA).
Q9. Will I be able to get a refund for the tickets if I do not attend the festival?
A. No refund will be provided for tickets even incase of any rescheduling/venue change.
Q10. Will I need to carry a photo id along for ticket verification purposes?
A. Yes. A valid Photo ID i.e. PAN Card, Passport, Driver's License etc.
Q11. Will my VIP Ticket allow me backstage?
A. No, there is no backstage access through any ticket.
Q12. Do the tickets give access to free food and beverages?
A. Tickets for general admission only. No free alcohol or food would be provided against the ticket.Though you can buy the same inside the venue.
Q13. Are there additional charges for booking a ticket online?
A. Yes, a nominal service charge will be added per transaction.
Q14. What is the maximum number of tickets I can purchase?
A. Maximum of 6 tickets per transaction.
Q15. What if I am reaching the venue later, can I use separate copies of the same ticket for the non-cardholders to enter separately?
A. No
Q16. What should I do if I purchase a ticket, but live outside India?
A. Please provide a copy of your passport and credit card at the ticketing booth at the venue for your tickets.
Q17. What should I do if I can't enter a 12 digit phone number on Book My Show?
A. Please provide a 10 digit phone number of your friend / relative in India.
Q18. Where can I read ticketing 'Terms & Conditions'?
A. The ticket terms and conditions will be provided before you purchase your ticket at
Q19. Can I re-enter the venue during the day if I leave?
A. Yes, as long as your entry wristband is intact and not tampered with, you can re-enter the venue through the official entry points at any time during event hours.
Q20. What's the difference between a Regular Ticket & VIP Ticket.
A. Regular tickets give you a full day access in the event.
Q21. Details for VVIP Tables.
A. More details coming soon!
Format of Authorization Letter:

   I, (Your name)_____________ authorize _____________(Friendsname) to use my ticket bearing Booking ID No. ________ on my behalf for Sunburn Mumbai/Bengaluru 2013.. 

  Please find encl. the photocopy of my debit/credit card, print out the Booking confirmation & a valid Photo ID.

(Your name) (Signature) 


For further queries please email us on
P.S.: - **Please buytickets from genuine sources only so that you can enjoy the gig hassle free**