Horror Story: Film Review

VERDICT: It is believed that watching horror films burns calories, so if you are on a diet, burn some while watching this one.

Just out of the movie, I sleepwalked into my workplace, fired my laptop up so that I could pen down my thoughts on Horror Story. With hundreds of scary images flashing through my mind, the film which releases on Friday the 13th, does justice to the day! In two words – Absolutely freaky! Numb to the bones, shaken and stirred, is the impact the film’s had on me.

The Horror genre which was treated as a sub-genre, up until Ramsay brothers took to it up, with the passing years has emerged as a genre with a gripping stance and a challenge for the filmmakers. Vikram Bhatt, a maverick filmmaker, has emerged as an ace when it comes to making a horror film. And with, Horror Story, he scores yet again.

At the crux, the film is a story of seven friends who get together for a farewell of a group mate and #justforfun land up in an abandoned hotel, The Grandiose which is reported to be haunted. Although, the secret of room number 3046 remains concealed, yet the story revolves around it and the story-telling leaves a massive impact on the viewers’ mind. At times you can predict what’s coming next, at times you cannot. You see blood-freezing incidences and you can hear the audience shriek. The story is about the haunted hotel which was built on a mental asylum. The asylum had a mentally unstable patient (but obviously) who believed that she was married to Satan. It is she, who conjures her powers and traps the seven friends in the confines of the hotel, brutally killing each one of them.

The sly skin shows, raunchy romance and item numbers is much-expected in horror movies but as it turns out, this film sticks to story-telling. Totally focused and gripping, you are likely to leave the theater unsteady. The acting of the newbies is to be lauded, for each one has done their part very well. The film makes a slow and steady progress, climaxing to give the audience gooseflesh. The camera and direction is something to lookout for, as you are most certainly going to let out a shriek at the sudden appearances of the dreaded chudail. There is usage of old spooky formulas – crackling voices coming from a radio or T.V. for instance – to freak the audience out, but it is welcomed considering that the film is successful in its doing so. What is commendable is the make-up of the ghost which is way too unnerving as well as the set. And about the background score, one can say that it adds to the spook value of the film.

What is unspoken and unexplained in the film is the story of the girl who committed suicide in Room No. 3046 (because the film is not about the suicide victim but about a mentally unstable chudail, remember?), the spirit of a hospital matron looming the hotel corridors (why only she? why not other spirits who died in the hospital?), sudden appearance of the spirit of the Hotel’s owner (bhai, film khatam hone aayi, tu ab tak kahan tha?) and the motive of the killings by the resident chudail of the hotel/hospital.

Overlooking the flaws one can sum up, the film is a thorough entertainment for horror film buffs.

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Release Date: Sep 13, 2013Director: Ayush RainaGenre: Horror
Run time: 1 hr 32 minsLanguage: HindiWriter: Mohan Azaad, Vikram Bhatt
Cast & Crew: Karan Kundra, Ravish Desai, Hasan Zaidi, Nishant Malkani, Nandini Vaidya, Sheetal Singh, Aparna Bajpai, Radhika Menon
  • Rouble Singh

    Girls who are timid and sissy need not watch horror flicks ok.Opinion may change for film reviews with a change of gender.

  • Amrapali Lall

    The story is not well-told until and unless it gives solutions to all the problems that were shown in the movie. The complete treatment is missing then with those vital flaws.

  • surya prabhakar

    very good movie please watch it i give the rating 5/5.

  • md ajaz ahmed

    best horror of the millenium……