Dinner with Friends


When their best friends, Harsh (Vinay Jain) and Dia (Tisca Chopra) end their marriage after twelve years, Vikram (Joy Sengupta) and Maya (Perizaad Zorabian Irani), are forced to take sides. But their friends’ yearning for “something more”, something different from what they already have makes them question their own marriage. It sounds simple and quite dull but in performance it’s anything but. Set against the backdrop of an upper middle class setting, two couples take the audience on a journey that will have you hooked from start to end.

The play questions not love, but what motivates people to stay together even after the honeymoon is over. You see yourself as Vikram, Maya, Harsh and Dia and laugh and ponder over their arguments for staying or leaving. But the most important aspect of the play is the portrayal of a couple’s plight at losing friends they thought were in it with them forever.

So what is the key to staying together? The play might offer a sizeable theory for that. No, its not ‘love’… not one of an ordinary nature anyway. And it’s definitely not one you pick up on a weekend in Goa. It’s the kind of love that gets a man in the mood for sex without encouragement in the beginning of a marriage and makes him stay even when he wonders when his salt and pepper sprinkles appeared and sex is just another thing on his wife’s to-do list. But what’s most touching is when Vikram, holds an emotional, pre-menopausal Maya in his arms and reminisces the early years just to distract her from another emotional outburst.

Dinner With Friends is a Pulitzer winning play by American playwright Donald Margulies and director Feroz Khan does a brilliant job at adapting it for Indian audiences. The humor, content and situations might be lost to those who are still just ‘in a relationship’ so I’d recommend you catch it only if you’re about to be committed or have a pre-menopausal wife.

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  1. a gupta says:

    anyone know where can i get tickets for the show happening on dec 12 in delhi?

  2. Lakshminarayanan Iyer says:

    Wanted to buy tickets for the show, Kindly let me know the contact person.


  3. Anand Warkare says:

    Need tickets for the Delhi screening.
    Pls contact/call asap.


  4. Shivani says:

    Pls let me know when the tickets for Dinner with Friends will be available for the performance in Delhi on Dec 12

    On FM it was announced that you could buy them on Book my show..however book my show does not seem to have them avaiable as of now

  5. Tickets are currently available for Mumbai and Pune. The page will be automatically updated in case of future shows. Check this linkhttp://in.bookmyshow.com/plays/Dinner-With-Friends/ET00005522

  6. shoma says:

    i need three tickets for the show in hyderabad on 4 december 2010. When will they be available ?

  7. Mohua says:

    When will the tickets for Hyderabad be available?

    Best regards

  8. pooja jain says:

    require 7tickets for delhi show.. when will these be availablle

  9. anuja singh says:

    want tickets for the 12th dec show in delhi. who do we contact , where and when?? anyone with info plz let us kno.

  10. Surbhi says:

    Please let me know how I can book the tickets for Delhi screening of “Dinner with friends”.

  11. Rupali Jain says:

    I want tickets for the play “Dinner With Friends”.
    Where could I get the tickets from?

  12. mansi says:

    2 tickets, delhi show on 12th dec,. pls provide info when possible.

  13. Shashwat Vats Sahajpal says:

    need two tickets for the delhi show dated 12th dec 2010..PleaSE let me know from where to get them aSAP…

    On FM it was announced that you could buy them on Book my show..however book my show does not seem to have them avaiable as of now

  14. kavita karnany says:

    Dinner with friends ….when is the next show in Mumbai and where? Preferably in Prithvi if at all Kindly let me know.

  15. Geeta Jethwani says:

    want tickets for the play in hyderabad on december 4th. where are tickets available.

  16. naina srivastava says:

    hi i heared the advertisement on FM today but im unable to find the booking column for “dinner with friends” for the 12th dec. please help!

  17. The Delhi and Hyderabad shows will be live soon. Check it here -> http://in.bookmyshow.com/plays/Dinner-With-Friends/ET00005522

  18. kislaya says:

    need tickets… for delhi… ????help….

  19. monica says:

    awesome performances!! don’t miss this play

  20. nalini aurora says:

    Need 2 tickes for the Delhi screening. Is it coming to Gurgaon as well?How to get the tickets

  21. S says:

    Can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease tell me where and when will tickets be available for the delhi performance on 12th??? I had a very very bad experience when Ballantine hosted a play in delhi the last time……i dont want that to happen………..i went to the auditorium and had to return because tickets had been issued to someone else with the same seat numbers….

  22. Divya says:

    Hey can i pls get 2 tickets of the play Dinner with Friends ? pls?

  23. Neeraj Handa says:

    Hey! I have 2 tkts for ” One on One” @ Rs 350 each for 7:30 pm show for tonight at epicentre, gurgaon. Great Seats!! If interested, call me at 9810065220

  24. Puneet says:

    I have 2 extra tickets – INR 500 category. Please call me at 9711278577 if you are interested.

  25. vami says:

    Please let me know how I can book the tickets for Bangalore screening of “Dinner with friends”. and when it is going to be screened in bangalore.

  26. Natasha says:

    When will it be screened in Mumbai again !!!

  27. Pragati says:

    Will Dinner with Friends come to kolkata again ?

  28. ranjana says:

    Please let me know when is this play “Dinner with Friends” going to be in bangalore and where.. and how do i book the tickets.

  29. vikram says:

    is there going to be a show of Dinner with Friends in Kolkata

  30. Debjani says:

    Well! DWF is being staged tomorrow in Mumbai and its Sold Out yet another time. Can someone please tell me if there is an events calendar. This play I have to watch! I am specifically interested in the Mumbai shows..

  31. Mitun says:

    Please do not go by the star cast. I have watched this play and it does not convey anything at all. Please do not expect anything outstanding from this play. The original play is far more interseting and the Indian adaptation is no where near it. This play doesnt convey any social message and you would wonder when the play has ended.

  32. Namita Nadkarni says:

    Methinks ‘Dinner with Friends’ is a class act… thanks to one of India’s classiest theatre directors – Feroz Abbas Khan. I especially liked Joy and Perizaad [who seems to be a better actress on stage than on screen]in their roles.

  33. Utkarsh says:

    Dinner with Friends is one of the finest plays i have seen in recent times. Excellent production, Super performances (especially’ Joy’ who is Brilliant). Donald Marculies and Feroz Khan have created magic on stage.
    If you haven’t seen it yet… Go for it now :)