Anuvab Pal, Sundeep Rao, Neville Shah (A)

Anuvab Pal, Sundeep Rao, Neville Shah (A)

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Artists: Anuvab Pal, Sundeep Rao, Sundeep Rao
Anuvab Pal
Anuvab Pal is the writer of the cult comedy films, Loins Of Punjab Presents and The President Is Coming. He`s also written the successful comic plays Chaos Theory, 1 888 Dial India as well as a non fiction book on Disco Dancer. He was also a columnist at Time Out Mumbai and Mid Day. His stand up set at The Comedy Store, where he`s just finished his 75th show are about the absurdities of living in ``New India``.

Sundeep Rao
A Bangalore-born, confused vegetarian, he currently works for a radio station as an assistant producer. At heart, Sundeep is a writer, thinker and a terrible lover (references upon request), who loves listening to extremely cheesy music! He feels that comedy is the best way to remain sane in this warped world!

You can see this vivacious brat performing across Bangalore, Bombay and other cities across India. Come, watch him do his thing (jokes that is) and learn a little more about life and may be even yourself. His philosophy is quite simple. Life is funny. Live it!

Neville Shah
Neville is a writer and currently a creative director at an ad agency. He is also half Parsi and half Gujju, making him very confused and very angry. Often deprecating, Neville has a unique (read: strange) view on life. His insightful wit, conversational delivery and honest angst, make his humor relatable and sometimes oddly poignant. He also insists that he his mothers son.

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