Ashish Shakya, Nishant, Anirudh Kumar, Vipul Goyal (A)

Ashish Shakya, Nishant, Anirudh Kumar, Vipul Goyal (A)

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Artists: Ashish Shakya, Nishant Tanwar, Vipul Goyal, Anirudh Kumar

Ashish has earned himself a recurring spot at The Comedy Store, where his incisive observations about the idiocy andidiosyncrasies of the world - be it in the field of politics, entertainment or pop culture - have received a great response from an urban crowd that is hungry for more such no-holds-barred Indian stand-up comedy. And Ashish is more than happy to deliver.


Nishant `Joke Singh` Tanwar - His comedy talks about stereotypes, racism, politics and Indian culture. On your request, He can make fun of you boss, neighbors and Mother-in-law. Since everything else is so expensive in this country, He tries his best to keep his jokes as cheap as possible. During every performance, He shares some sure shot tips of losing weight and virginity.


Anirudh Kumar is a Stock Trader by day and a Comedian by night , which means he loses money by day, and people laugh at him by night. He has never been in a bar fight, never drunk and driven, and never had 15 shots in a row, which is weird because he`s Punjabi.


Vipul Goyal is an Electrical Engineering graduate from IIT Bombay. Fresh out of college, he worked as a retail analyst in Adventity Inc. for 6 months, but soon realised that his heart was in H.R. where HR stands for HUMOR Resources. He mixed Laughs & Entrepreneurship and soon founded the most Unique HR firm ``Humorously Yours`` which has since been pioneers in Stand Up Comedy & Entertainment Shows. Given his originality and clean witty content, within a very short span of time he has entertained the audience at all the major public platforms ranging from college festivals to their alumni meets to corporate summits. As he humorously puts it, he has the distinction of being the only stand up comic in India who performs in 4 different languages, English, Hindi, Java and C++.
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