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Ashish Shakya, Sanjay Manaktala & Aditi Mittal (A)

Ashish Shakya, Sanjay Manaktala & Aditi Mittal (A)

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Artists: Ashish Shakya, Sanjay Manaktala, Aditi Mittal
Ashish Shakya (IND):
Ashish has earned himself a recurring spot at The Comedy Store, where his incisive observations about the idiocy andidiosyncrasies of the world - be it in the field of politics, entertainment or pop culture - have received a great response from an urban crowd that is hungry for more such no-holds-barred Indian stand-up comedy. And Ashish is more than happy to deliver.

Sanjay Manaktala:
At a very young age Sanjay Manaktala started stand up comedy at Los Angeles, is now back in India with the humor ranging from observing strange advertisements to the complexities of the Java programming language.

Aditi Mittal (IND)
Aditi Mittal is an actress, writer, voice over artist and a stand-up comic. Dynamite on stage and screen, she`s also a member of India`s first Improv group `The Cardinal Bengans,` has appeared on CNN-IBN`s Phenking News with Cyrus Brocha and is a regular on Jay Hind, India`s first online stand-up show. She has also featured in Time Magazine`s ``People we would never feature in Time Magazine.`` From eve teasing to the animal kingdom, nothing escapes Aditi`s comic radar.
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