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AXE TORTION - Where Guitars Sing

AXE TORTION - Where Guitars Sing

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Artists: Ravi Iyer, Sunny Dsouza, Chandresh Kudwa
blueFROG`s take on Axe-Tortion

Chandresh Kudwa presented this idea a few months ago, and his property keeps growing, giving opportunities to young and professional guitar players to go on stage and play! The best way to support musicians and young talent.

About Axe-Tortion
AXE-TORTION is the coming together of top notch guitarists in the country - the first ever on the Indian Music Circuit -Where guitarists string instrumentals that are sure to blow you away.

The AXE-TORTION night will see each Guitarist performing original compositions backed by a Bassist and a Drummer, culminating in the Mother off all jams, where musicians jam on instrumental versions of popular tracks! This is definitely a great way for instrumentalists to connect with the audience without having to sing! Each guitarist has a unique sound, style and composition which works out perfectly, creating an exceptional sonic experience.

Such collaborations between highly talented Guitar players sharing the same stage and jamming to the same tracks are a rare treat, not only for the Guitarists themselves but also for the audience watching! AXE-TORTION will make its presence felt in the future with a lot more collaborations and gigs all over the country.

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