Bandish Projekt Feat.

Bandish Projekt Feat.

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blueFROGs take on Bandish Projekt

The Bandish Projekt is one of the first to successfully fusion of folk music elements with electronica. On ocassion even classical Indian ragas entwined into trio hop are used. Bandish Projekt is not about grasping the sound of music but appreciating the music of sound. The name came from the Indian classical music term for composition or `Bandish`.

-Vinay Khilnani, Programming
All about Bandish Projekt

From the echo of festivals across India to the live energy of numerous gigs, BANDISH PROJEKT has resounded in Dubai, UK, Sweden, France, Amsterdam, Australia. They have played at Glastonbury, Edinburg Fringe Festival, Sommerszene festival (Austria), Melbourne Electronic Festival, Village India UK, Incubate festival, BBC Asian Network tour; and this is just the tip of the BANDISH PROJEKT streak Since 2007.

From Productions of Bollywood Films and documentaries, extraordinary club gigs, fusions and concerts for leading corporate houses to creating drum n bass sessions and tuning in to the best radio stations in India, Bandish Projekt seems to be going everywhere!
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