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Bay Beat Collective

Bay Beat Collective

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Artists: Bay Beat Collective
All about Bay Beat Collective
The Mumbai-based BBC (Bay Beat Collective), formed in response to the abundance of standard-issue electronica, so commonly heard in clubs and bars across the country. BBC`s passion lies in drum & bass, breaks, dubstep, glitch, funk and minimal sounds.

BBC explores new aural territory, dabbling in styles ranging from breaks to drum n bass glitch hop to dubstep, dark to funky and tech, with a partiality to ``phat`` basslines and high voltage grooves that are infectious, delicious and supremely funky. They`ve injected fun into a scene, which was mutating into an increasingly austere and po-faced arena. Their DJ sets continually re-affirm the feeling of dancing the night away, in a sweaty club, surrounded by like-minded complete strangers.

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