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Enlighten Film Society presents the Christopher Nolan Festival.
A showcase of two Christopher Nolan masterpieces will be held at Cultural Centre of Russia (Breach Candy) Mumbai on 12th August, 2012 respectively. Enlighten Film Society presents two masterpieces by Christopher Nolan, a showcase of films by the great master - of an icon that changed the face of world cinema while working in the mainstream, as defined by Hollywood.

The Christopher Nolan Film Festival, which is set to take place in Mumbai on 12th August,2012 will be a landmark celebration of the historic movies, presented in a way that only Enlighten can, with celebrity appearances, panel discussions and more. The festival will also provide movie fans a rare opportunity to experience some of cinema`s greatest works ,as they were meant to be seen on the big screen. The first film presented is Following, Chris Nolan`s first attempt at capturing atmospheric settings through the eyes of a stalker who befriends a burglar. Nolan shows his mastery over character development with all its influences coming from film noir and the art house. What emerges is a startlingly original work, which ranks among Hollywoods best output in the 90`s. The film is also Nolans first attempt at non-linear Cubistic collages that differ significantly from other attempts made by Jean-Luc Godard, Akira Kurosawa and more recently, Tom Tykwer.

The second film, The Prestige is Christopher Nolan`s take on magic and illusion in cinema, going back to the films of Georges Melies. The story is about two competitive magicians, one of whom is aggravated when the other claims to perform the ultimate illusion. The events lead to a climax which is epitomizes Nolans best work. Enlighten will also screen Christopher Nolan`s short film Doodlebug.

The Film Festival Pass: Rs.500: This includes all films at the festival. Full Yearly Access: Rs. 2000: Which includes attendance at all Enlighten Film Society screenings for one full year, including the Christopher Nolan Film Festival and also including panel discussions, social events.

Schedule for Christopher Nolan festival Cultural Centre of Russia (Breach Candy)
Mumbai, 12th August 2012: Doodlebug followed by Following at 12.00pm, The Prestige at 2.00pm.

About Enlighten:
Enlighten Society is India`s biggest film society and a cultural NGO, dedicated to spreading world cinema. Enlighten Film Society curates world class films in India and is associated with International festivals across the world.


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