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Club Mambos: Wicked Wednesday

Club Mambos: Wicked Wednesday

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Caf Mambos
Cafe Mambos holds the top-most rank in the business of entertainment and night life. The open air lounge encircles an enclosed dance area giving guests an opportunity to choose between chilling out over a couple of snacks washed down by their favourite spirits or wearing out their heels dancing. The club
has gained recognition for itself by playing host to a variety of Indian as well as international DJs. Every night of the week is themed to play a special genre of music like hip-hop, house, tech, retro etc.

With a myriad collection of video graphics, lights and even a couple of fire tricks from the bartenders, its no surprise that party animals find refuge here. But for those tired feet, the outdoor lounge is equally pleasant and offers it`s own entertainment. Play a game of friendly pool or get lost in a cloud of smoke from your strawberry hookah . If your drink gives you gumption, try out the rodeo bull, and don`t worry about falling flat... it`s all part of the game.

Cafe Mambos tag-line, Where the world gets together works true in Goa, where the locals, weekenders and celebrities all come together to enjoy a rocking night out... any night of the week.
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