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Comedy Store presents Foursome

Comedy Store presents Foursome

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Director: Divya Palat
Writer: Divya Palat
Artists: Divya Palat, Aditya Hikari, Yudhishtar Urs, Michael Nazareth, Sanket Mhatre , Chaiti Narula, Rashi Mal, Nitasha Malhotra
The winner for Best Producer, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Writer at the Sydney Fringe Festival and the winner of the Best Director at the New York International Fringe Festival - Divya Palat now premieres in 2012 not just one but FOUR FABULOUS plays all creating ONE FABULOUS SHOW - FourSome.

Four laugh riots exploring duos facing different romantic dilemmas make for one hilarious evening! From a Dad having the @#$ Talk on the birds and bees with his only daughter to a Couple taking premarital counselling - each play is unique, contemporary and fabulously funny! The Four short comedies deal with hilarious situations in contemporary relationships: Superstar: where a deluded actor meets a hopeful debutant!
Like A Virgin: where a nerd tries to hook the girl of his dreams.
The Bleep Talk : where a father tries to discuss the birds and the bees with his daughter .
The Marriage Counsellor: where a young couple tries to `fix` a `broken` relationship!
Having just premiered at the Kala Ghoda festival, FourSome had over 600 people seated in an auditorium meant for 100 and another 600-700 people had to be turned away who had come to see this very highly anticipated new show!

Created primarily for Supper Theatre- FourSome will ensure that it has every audience member truly rolling in the aisles!
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