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All about Coshish

Main Artist: Coshish
Fusing elements of Progressive Rock with the more acceptable mainstream song writing styles of Hindi Rock, seems to come naturally to Mumbai based band, Coshish. The band believes that their songs should have mass appeal and yet retain enough musical dexterity to appease technical musicians, without compromising on simplicity.

Their songs carry strong social messages which are delivered beautifully through Hindi lyrics. The band prefers singing in their mother tongue as they consider it a more efficient method of connecting with people from all stratas of society.

With groove driven bass lines, feel based solos, catchy riffs, Indian classical, inspired vocals, technical yet subtle drumming, the occasional, odd time signatures, very interactive and personal live performances, these guys sure know how to get the crowd singing with them.

Line Up:
Mangesh Gandhi - Guitars/Vocals
Anish Nair - Bass
Shrikant Shrinivasan - Lead Guitars
Hamza Kazi - Drums/Xylophone

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