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Cosmic Journey With Anitha Shanthi

Cosmic Journey With Anitha Shanthi

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About Anita Shanti:

DJ Anita Shanti started performing and dancing since 1999 and in the last few years, has focused her energy into becoming a full time DJ. Since 2011 DJ Anita Shanti is part of Digital Om Productions. She performed in many parties, in her native country, Kazakhstan, including open air festivals , Sicily (Italy), Nepal and even across cities in India, in Goa, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pondicherry, Mumbai at clubs and venues like, Pebble, Bluefrog, Aurus, Urban, R&B club, 1Lounge, Aqua etc. And, recently at the Universal Religion Festival -Nepal 2012.

She plays house, minimal, electro, techno, progessive/psychadelic progressive, full on psychadelic trance. Anita has an exceptional ability to mix different styles of music together and has a new trick up her sleeve every time. She has performed with artists and DJ`s like Zen-Mechanics, Robbie Romero, Ajja, Ital, Chicago, Ma Faiza and more.

She also performs impressive fire shows along with her Dj sets at festivals and at parties. Mixing her unique skills with dance, fire and Djing makes her a huge hit at all events. Her sweet personality and charming good looks are only a teaser for her amazing stage presence and she makes crowds go wild with her electrifying energy.
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