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Artists: Dan Nainan
A hilarious Stand Up Comedy act by Dan Nainan, one of the leading Indian International comedians credited with rib-tickling performances that have caused high-level officials and also the President of the US to hold their stomachs while laughing out loud!

President Obama was recently quoted saying Dan is incredibly hilarious. One of Dan`s youtube videos has over 1.2 million views, which is the second best to India`s greatest stand-up comedian Russel Peters. Dan & Russel have toured together for a year and, Russel endorses Dans 100% clean comedy. Dan has also performed along with legends like Jerry Seinfeld, Tim Conway, Robert Shimmel and numerous others.

Dan is known best for:
Performing at President Obama`s inaugural Presidential Ball
Official Opening act at the Apollo Theatre with Russell Peters
He`s on the latest Apple Mac commercial which has had millions of views in few weeks of release
1.2 Million views on youtube video
Being dubbed as the hybrid of Harold and Kumar
He`s half Indian and half Japanese and, has been born and raised in the USA
Being the epitome of cross-culture confusion humour
Finalist at the Last Comic Standing, USA
Live show with Jerry Seinfeld
Saturday Night LIVE - the most prestigious comedy segment in US entertainment along with Will Ferrell

Here`s what some famous people have to say about him:
``Dan is Hilarious`` - President Barack Obama

``This guy is very good`` - Sanjay Gupta (CNN)

``Flabbergasted by Dan`s uncanny Bill Clinton impression`` - Hillary Rodham Clinton

``Incredibly talented and funny`` - Cherie Blair

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