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DJ Paul Taylor (A)

DJ Paul Taylor (A)

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Artists: DJ Paul Taylor
Already well known internationally as a DJ with a unique ability to source and play the freshest sounds, Paul`s credentials are well documented. A veteran from Goa parties since the mid nineties, he was quickly noticed by TIP records and joined in 2001 as a label DJ along with Dimitri Nakov and Raja Ram.After two years in the London Tip Office, he then relocated to Ibiza where he soon began to co produce music with artists such as Earthling, Shanti and Bushman. In 2002 he joined Spun Records as Ibiza label manager and AandR/DJ, compiling the very well received Spun Complilation: `Tweakers`.A regular at many of the bigger events in Europe, Mexico, South America, Israel and Japan, Paul is one of the most sought after Psy Trance DJ`s around the world, having made his reputation for playing powerful sets of his own particular style of Hi Tech inspired Full On and continuously pushing the boundaries of the Psy Trance medium.His exacting taste, and ability to source music has led to five very successful V.A. compilations so far, on labels such as Crystal Matrix, Spun, Sirius, and Sound Sorcery; all of which have been firm favorites with on the world DJ circuit. This new release promises to maintain both his profile as one of the most influential DJ`s around, and as an Artist in his own right. For High Life, he chose to collaborate with both established and emerging artists, delivering an album with a twist.Originally planned to be his sixth V.A. compilation, Paul was unable to find ready made tracks that defined what he wanted to say musically, therefore he decided it was about time to sit and make the exact music that described what he felt was the future wave of the Psy Trance genre. A more minimal approach to Full On, one that recalls the late nineties tech trance artists, yet with cutting edge modern production and up to date grooves.The album contains 9 exclusive new tracks, each one a testament to his relentless pursuit of originality and quality. This is genuinely contemporary music for those with discerning taste and a passion for the very latest in an ever changing medium.Several well known artists such as Earthling, PTX, Quantum, Loud and Insomnia are some of Paul`s co-conspirators here, and the resulting sounds are completely unique to these dynamic collaborations.
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