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Double Bill: S P A C E Vasuda Sharma (A)

Double Bill: S P A C E Vasuda Sharma (A)

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A peak into the world of SPACE

SPACE is a journey seen from the eyes of the new contemporary free Indian women. It is a space where musicians, dancers, and artists from various parts of the world share their experiences through musical conversations. Its a space where women are inspired to join together and form an energy so bombastic that it can make you cry and laugh at the same time!! Its a space which shows the Indian women in their poweful creative best and inspires other women to join the movement. It`s fun! It`s creative! It`s feminine!

Sometimes using unassuming objects like Tibetan prayer bowls, ghungroos and street percussive instruments, and sometimes electronic live loops from a laptop, this space creates a multi-harmonic sound steered by two contrasting and motivated female frontwomen in the outfit - Tritha Sinha and Ritika Singh.

Started in Kolkata in 2008 and moved to New Delhi in 2011, SPACE plays a subtle mix of ambient and electro-fusion trip-hop in 7 languages. They sing several songs in English, Hindi, Bengali, Sanskrit, Punjabi and an imaginary tribal language which feels from the deep roots of Africa.

BlueFrog, Wills India Fashion Week, Delhi India Arts festival, Escape Festival, Gulmarg Festival, TLR Cafe (Delhi), Someplace Else (Kolkata), Delhi International Arts Festival, In Kolkata at events of SUTRA organised by women with the ICCR and Weavers Studio are among the few prestigious venues and occassions, SPACE has made its presence in India.

Internationally SPACE was invited to play for an eager audience in Bangkok and in Paris in 2011.

Core band Tritha Sinha, Ritika Singh & Paul Schneiter

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