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Film Appreciation: Richard Allen Workshop

Film Appreciation: Richard Allen Workshop

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Film Appreciation: An Introduction to Narrative Film By Richard Allen, Chair of the Department of Cinema Studies, NYU at Habitat World, India Habitat Centre.
The course aims to help students develop a range of analytical skills for the study of film that will deepen their understanding and appreciation of narrative cinema. By the end of the class, students will have attained the following:
Fluency in the basic vocabulary of film form;
Recognition of different modes and styles within narrative film
Understanding of the relationship between film form, film style and interpretation
Familiarity with key aesthetic concepts for categorizing and understanding films.
Lectures and readings provide a detailed introduction to the basic terms of film scholarship and to some critical issues associated with particular modes of film production and criticism. Screenings introduce students to the history and range of narrative film. The discussion thereafter will allow participants to develop their skills of analysis and interpretation.

Habitat Film Club Members shall receive special discounts.
The workshop will be conducted from - July.31 - Aug.12
Weekdays - 6:30pm onwards
Weekends - 10am onwards
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