Getting Wiser With Your Money

Getting Wiser With Your Money

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Artists: Sharath Mascarenhas
About the workshop:
Would you like to earn some extra money without investing anything? Attend a 3 hour workshop, Becoming Wiser with your Money - by Ferdinand Wealth Management on the August 11, 2012 at Hotel Casa De Bengaluru, Bangalore. Learn about how you can change your spending and saving habits that`ll save you at least Rs 25,000/- every year without risking your capital!

Dont worry, we dont want any investment from you, you wont even have to touch your capital because it`s not just your income but your saving habits that determine your wealth. The workshop will merely teach you how to increase your savings.

So what will you learn at this workshop?
- How to earn `TAX FREE` returns on your money, allocated for Fixed Deposits without risking your capital.
- How to earn an extra 2-4% tax free return on the money in your savings account.
- If you are a business man, how to earn a return of 4-6% on the cash reserves in your current account.
- How to automate your budget, increase your savings and even increase your income safely and legally.

The Workshop is intended for:
- Retired individuals who have invested in Fixed Deposits accounts.
- Families who have a hard time budgeting their expenses.
- Business owners that have cash reserves lying idle in their current accounts.
- Anyone else who wants to learn how to increase their Savings.

Please Note: This is NOT an investment workshop, this workshop aims to teach people how increase their savings by changing their spending and saving habits.

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