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Grand Masters of Comedy

Grand Masters of Comedy

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Artists: Jeeveshu, Appurv Gupta, Nishant Tanwar
Short, fat and cute instead of tall, dark and handsome. Drives experience from day to day events with a keen eye for finding humor in them which sets them apart. A veteran in the comedy arena with over 34 years of experience as he has been picked on by others, been the butt of jokes ever since his early childhood.

Appurv Gupta:
He is a young engineer, born in Delhi, grown up with Engineers and has no idea about Engineering. He loves to share his unique candid experiences. He has verbal diarrhoea and is well known among comedians for his unique voice.

Nishant Tanwar or Joke Singh
Looks like a South Indian, talks in English and belongs to Haryana, according to his friends, he should be in the Wax Museum. He often talks about stereotypes, racism, politics, religion, cast and Indian culture while performing and can make fun of your boss, mother-in law and Sharad Pawar on public request. He also shares some tips on loosing weight and virginity. Apart from performing as a comedian, he also works with a leading news network.

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