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Grand Masters of Comedy

Grand Masters of Comedy

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Artists: Abhijit Ganguly, Zakir Khan, Vikramjit Singh
Everytime Abijit Ganguly sings `I`m sexy and I know it` (which he does quite a lot for some reason), some Punjabi guy comes and hits him. He has been trying very hard to shift to political comedy, but has realized he`s just not that intelligent or angry with life. Does a lot of sex comedy (which is pretty ironical) and is very well known in the comedy circuit for having absolutely no voice or stand. All that said, he`s excruciatingly funny and controversially/arguably/`all similar words`ably one of the funniest Delhi comics. Hear him talk on pigeons, ugliness, media and his Indica car.

He is the winner of Comedy Central`s hunt for Best Stand Up Comic. A cartoon by heart, comedian by nature, a writer by profession and performer by birth. His name is Khan (from the epiglottis), but he is certainly not a terrorist. Being normal is definitely not his cup of tea. Armed with the looks of Brad Pitt laboring on a construction site in Greater Noida, this `Confused Desi` serves up his take on modern India with a hard to resist rustic humor that`ll have you nodding your heads and clapping as you relate to everything he says.

Vikramjit Singh is a man with a supreme identity crisis. Legend has it that he had only one word to say after collecting his engineering degree: Oops. So he chucked it and became a writer. Since then, life has been a constant joke. More so, whenever he gets paid. He likes to call his humour rib-tickling, and loves whoever has the stomach for it.

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