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Janux (A)

No shows scheduled for now

Artists: Manali Shah
Opening Set: Manali ShahA bohemian by heart and a music aficionado right through her childhood, Manalis forte lies in Electronic music. Getting into EDM / IDM since her early teenage years and spending half of her time backpacking across the world - Manalis set vibes has strong flavors of eclectic tunes from around the globe. Manali has been an imminent face in the Indian EDM scene and is steadily creating waves with her every passing gig.Dj Janux the name comes from `Janus` a mythical Roman god who has two faces one dark, one light - one looking into the past, one looking into the future. Janux plays strong twilight music, and powerful morning sounds. A Dj who plays the correct style for the correct time and place. His roots in music started in the mid 80`s in Goa where he was a kid growing up in the early roots of the trance scene. For more information click here.
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