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Krishna Gana Sabha presents Shobana`s KRISHNA

Krishna Gana Sabha presents Shobana`s KRISHNA

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Artists: Shobana
An evening of spectacular works of ace choreographer, actor and Padmashri awardee Shobana, crafted for lovers of the avant-garde, innovative and bollywood dancing, Krishnan - The Musical showcases Krishna - the man, his philosophy and why he is still beyond mans understanding, all on a canvas of Vrindavan and Mathura to Kurukshetra. For this reason, Krishna will speak out more clearly than shows in the past.
For those seeking a more historically accurate preview -
The dance elements, while certainly more modern, still have a classical restraint and formalism to them that evokes the correct present cultural context without seeming mummified.
Playing out against a minimalist set, and with riot costumes, creates the ideal environment for a tribute to the illusions that can be woven out of air by the right combination of music, actors, singers and dancers. And each of the performances has been polished like the Astors silver.
From a musical standpoint, the musical will lie on a bed of pre-recorded music with scores from classical as well as Indian feature films.
The show takes a bold step of breaking down the methodology of getting attention in a musical by turning passivity into pure sure-biz electricity.
This production isnt about smoke and mirrors. Its a flesh and blood shaped by discipline and artistry into a parade of vital, pulsing talent, of 15 to 18 performers, sometimes as young as 10. These kids are as tight and vibrant as newly plucked violin strings that in just a few minutes you became aware of everyone as an individual with the potential to soar or snap.
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