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LearnGoogle.net is a product of Yellow Thursday Pvt ltd (YTPL).

The company YTPL manages over 5 million views in the online space per month and services the online portfolios of a number of companies in multiple countries . The company was a participant of the Google I/O in California in 2014 and has also been shortlisted to participate in the European Tech Summit in Dublin in Nov 2014.

The Workshop is aimed at leveraging our knowledge and expertise to Professionals, Students and Entrepreneurs. The Syllabus covers over 60 topics of the 4 M's which are to Make, Manage and Market the web and Mobile (Android) and in the process introduces you to the globally recognized Google Certification Program. There are various institutions which train specifically for this certification, but we go one step ahead and begin our Training from the basics and proceed on to the advanced levels, so that our Trainees get the complete learning about the web. Our Training starts from basic knowledge of Registering a Domain, Methods to Making Free Websites, Analyzing the Performance of the Web, Creating Customized Ads on Google, Facebook, Social Media Strategy, E-Commerce etc.
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