Listening To Life -- The Journey Of A Raga..  in

Listening To Life -- The Journey Of A Raga..

Indian Music Music 1 hr 30 mins

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DIRECTOR Bombay Jayashri
WRITER Bombay Jayashri
ARTISTS Bombay Jayashri (Vocal) , MD Pallavi, Embar Kannan, Navin Iyer, Navneeth Sundar, J Vaidyanathan, Sai Shravanam, Keerthana Nath, Chitra Poornima, Abinaya Ramesh, Swetha Sriram
Bombay Jayashri, a singer gifted with rare versatility is bringing a unique concert titled Listening to Life the Journey of a Raga to Bangalore. The concert, which will feature popular music from several genres, will be held at two venues in the city for a duration of 90 minutes each for two days.

M S Sathyu has designed the sets and lighting for the programme. In an extraordinary gesture, Bombay Jayashri has invited M D Pallavi, who has won hearts with her energetic rendering of Kannada poetry, to join the group. Pallavi will be singing a few Kannada songs aptly woven into the theme. Well-known instrumentalists form the band -- Embar Kannan on traditional and electric violin, Navin Iyer on the Flute, Navneeth Sundar on the Grand Piano and Harmonium, J Vaidyanathan on the Mridangam and Sai Shravanam on the Tabla. Bombay Jayashris students form the chorus.

The music that will resonate in the concert is fearlessly eclectic and spans Carnatic, Hindustani, Hindi, Tamil and Kannada film songs, Kannada poetry set to music, and world folk music. It is indeed rare that an artist can move from one genre to another in the span of a concert and keep the high calibre of the music intact. Bombay Jayashri achieves this admirably.

Says Jayashri: ``The listeners are the protagonists of this plot the aim is to make them get in touch with how their heart responds to a melody, how important it is for the intellect to decipher the theory behind it and how the soul soaks it in.

The programme is written and directed by Bombay Jayashri. There will be interludes where she will simply but with great insight talk about what music can mean to each one of us. Each song is illuminated by an anecdote, the moments of a journey that the song undertook before flowering to its full beauty.


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