Live From The Console @ Rowson`s Reserve Smooth Sp

Live From The Console @ Rowson`s Reserve Smooth Sp

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6.30pm: Screening: Playing for Change LIVE
The global music collective Playing For Change presents their first-ever live recording; featuring performances from their highly successful 2009 world tour! Guest performers on this project include Ziggy Marley & Toots Hibbert.Playing For Change (PFC) is an extraordinary effort uniting musicians and vocalists from diverse parts of the world. Those who have experienced Playing For Change are mesmerized by its ability to inspire, connect and bring peace to the world through music.

8:30 pm : Rachel Varghese
Rachel`s music is an amalgamation of all her musical influences & life experiences. She began to write her own music about 2 years ago. Her two very good and extremely talented friends Yohan Marshall on percussion, guitar & vocals and Samir Karnink on guitar form the rest of her band and have helped her tremendously in finding her sound. Driven by raw emotion, soul and passion for music she hopes all who listen to her music can find a way to make it their own!

9:15 pm: Vivek Rajagopalan (Carnatic, electronica, world)
Combining Carnatic, Hindustani, Jazz, Folk, Electronic and Drum-n-Bass, Vivek Rajagopalan`s music creates rippling sound scapes that are edgy as much as international; and if world music today is a melting pot of cultures & genres, then Vivek`s music is a drop of spicy red curry in the concoction.

10:15 pm: Vivienne Pocha feat. Ashu (soul, funk & pop)
Vivienne Pocha, the indisputable Diva of the Indian music scene is all set to debut her new album, Inside My Head. The collaboration between a fantastic singer and an amazing songwriter, Ashu Phatak, the album was completed in just 3 short weeks! Written and produced by Ashu, Inside My Head takes you on a tour of Vivienne`s life as she transforms herself from a vocalist to an artist. This is an album where Vivienne has really come into her own. Her glorious vocal style is a mix of the modern and the classic. Think Amy Winehouse and Adele with the huskiness of a Shirley Bassey. But despite these comparisons, this is very much Vivienne`s voice and her story; and both are unique, powerful and expressive! The album has been composed and produced by Ashu. Vivienne Pocha is an established vocalist. She has performed in countless musicals and recorded for jingles, movies etc. The epitome of Diva, Vivienne`s done it all and we`re excited with what she`s become and where she`s headed!
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