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ARTISTS Aadar Malik, Daniel Fernandes, Sundeep Rao, Sahil Shah
Aadar Malik (IND):
Aadar Malik is an actor (lead in Indo-Canadian film ``Under the Same Sun``, to be released at various Intl. Film festivals across the world). He began performing standup comedy after portraying the character of a comic for his play, ``Papier mch petals``(thespo12 festival). Being a musician, writer, singer, he enjoys mixing music with his comedy. An avid hater of pickup lines, he prefers impressing women with his guitar.

Daniel Fernandes (IND):
Daniel Fernandes bid adieu to a career in advertising and took to stand up comedy last year. His material is based on his experiences with travel, 69 failed relationships and his favorite Indian community amongst other things. He feels pretty much anything he has to face in life has comic potential so why not just laugh it off and pretend it never happened?

Sundeep Rao (IND):
A Bangalore-born, confused vegetarian, He currently works for a radio station as an assistant producer. At heart, Sundeep is a writer, thinker and a terrible lover (references upon request); who loves listening to extremely cheesy music! He feels that comedy is the best way to remain sane in this warped world!
You can see this vivacious brat performing across Bangalore, Bombay and other cities across India. Come watch him do his thing (jokes that is.) and learn a little more about life and may be even yourself. His philosophy is quite simple. ``Life is funny. Live it!``

Sahil Shah (IND):
Sahil Shah is a muscular, tall and incredibly handsome comedian, in his dreams. His off-center one liners have taken his comedy across the country, with shows in over 6 cities. He`s one of the founding members of the comedy company, East India Comedy. He`s considered one of Indias most promising young comedians. Honestly.God Promise.


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