Local Heroes (A)

Local Heroes (A)

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Artists: Keshav Naidu, Amogh Ranadive, Karunesh Talwar , Neville Shah
Keshav Naidu (IND)
Keshav Naidu talks of his personal experiences collected over the years across India, US and the Middle East. He turns his failures and pains into funny stories with his characteristic dry wit.

Amogh Ranadive (IND)
Amogh Ranadive is a stand up comic, television writer and currently pretty broke. He has performed regularly at venues like Comedy Store and even Dattaram Apte`s chai tapri which is 5 minutes away from his house. Being Maharashtrian, his hobbies include savoring vada pav and beating up cab drivers. The last one is not true because he doesn`t have muscles. He is a multi billionaire who gives away luxury cars to his 120 person strong staff. Also, he is delusional. Slightly.

Karunesh Talwar (IND)
Karunesh Talwar is a young comic and writer who made his way into the local comedy scene by winning several open mic competitions, including the Comedy Store`s RAW. When not doing stand-up, he can be found doing other things. Also, he`s 1/7 billionth the population of the world.

Neville Shah (IND)
Neville is a writer and currently a creative director at an ad agency. He is also half Parsi and Half Gujju, making him very confused and very angry. Often deprecating, Neville has a unique (read: strange) view on life. His insightful wit, conversational delivery and honest angst, make his humor relatable and sometimes oddly poignant. He also insists that he his mothers son
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