Local Kung Fu

1 hr 30 mins

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Director: Kenny Basumatary
Artists: Kenny Basumatary
tinyMOUSE presents its 5th Indie Film Screening of Local Kung Fu!
Network with people present at the screening and chat with the Director-cum-Actor Kenny Basumatary who also appeared in the 2012 Bollywood Feature Film ``Shanghai``...
Kenny Basumatary`s Local Kung Fu is rough-hewn, hyper-energetic, cheeky, cocky & teeming with likeable goondas.

It is a fun-filled film about youngsters in Guwahati and its story revolves around Charlie who moves to Guwahati to win over his girlfriend`s family but instead runs into unexpected obstacles and a whole lot of unexpected bad guys which make the narration hilarious and action-packed.

Unlike the technology-assisted visually-stunning stunts we see in big-budget Hollywood and Indian mainstream films, LKF has real stunts executed by real Kung Fu experts and students. And it won`t be incorrect to say that it has some of the best realistic stunts we have seen in an Indian film in a long, long time. In fact, some of the action can easily be compared to the best of the best - except for the fact that they visually look a tad rough, simply because there is no artificial aid that usually helps stunts to be executed with finesse.
There is no dearth of characters in this martial arts comedy and each of them comes with their individual quirks. You can say that the film has worked for you when as the film progresses these little quirks of the characters bring out loud bursts of laughter.
Also, catch the screening of "Aprajita" and live chat with Director Ronak Sharma from 6 PM at the same venue! (Open for all)
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