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Manali Summer Sundowners - Sounds United Project

Manali Summer Sundowners - Sounds United Project

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The Manali Summer Sundowners - Sounds United Project scheduled June 2012, is a Green Festival, promoting Responsible Travel &26 Concert Tourism in India.

The Manali Summer Sundowners gives a traveller something different and more experiential to do with their evenings. The music festival is positioned to attract both the local and travelling community in Himachal Pradesh. Featuring documentary screenings at the Soul Film Festival, Art &26 Photography, Motorcycling Tours, Day Excursions to Temples &26 Tibetan Monasteries, Alternate Lifestyle Courses &26 Himachal Ayurveda, Hiking around the Great Himalayan National Parks, Nature Walks, Camping options and lots more.

Month long live musical performances in the Himalayan town of Manali. The Sounds United Project - Manali Music festival will entertain locals and thousands of visitors from all over India &26 the World every weekend in June 2012. This will offer tourists something special to do, even if they have been here many times before.

Manali Summer Sundowner`s music is an imaginative mix of Classical, Sufi, Jazz, Blues, Fusion, Rock, Pop, Alternative &26 Live Jams, in a amphitheatre will create an experience that soothes your nerves with music that can best be described as Inspiring! While programming the line-up for the festival, the most important brief to all participating artistes is that the music has to be a part of pristine surroundings in which the event will be hosted. We have taken utmost care to make sure that the music and the festival ethos itself blend with the local elements to create a sense of harmony. Performances by local artists along with some of India`s leading &26 evolved bands at the Ram Bagh Amphitheatre, The Mall Manali. This 2-day Music &26 Arts festival over all June weekends is conceptualized &26 initiated by Soul Curators.

Your tickets include: Access to the concert at the Ram Bagh Amphitheater for a single day.
Access to the Soul Film Festival post music performances from 9:30 p.m. -11:00 p.m.
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