Neville Shah, Brij Bhakta, Aditi Mittal (A) in

Neville Shah, Brij Bhakta, Aditi Mittal (A)

Stand-Up Comedy English

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ARTISTS Brij Bhakta, Aditi Mittal, Neville Shah
Neville Shah (IND):
Neville is a writer and currently a creative director at an ad agency. He is also half Parsi and Half Gujju, making him very confused and very angry. Often deprecating, Neville has a unique (read: strange) view on life. His insightful wit, conversational delivery and honest angst, make his humor relatable and sometimes oddly poignant. He also insists that he his mother`s son.

Brij Bhakta (IND):
Brij Bhakta comes to us from the United States. Born in India, and raised in America, he has no clue what his purpose in life is. An actor and writer by profession, Brij has been doing comedy for the last 10 years. Trained at the famed Second City and ImprovOlympic, he is still trying to convince his parents that he has made the right decisions in life. Recently, he hosted the travel show, ``The Freaky Traveler`` on Fox Traveler. He is also a member of Schitzengiggles, a comedy troupe that performs locally in Mumbai. You can catch him in all of these places and also wandering the streets of Andheri trying to find a good deal...on anything...he`s Gujarati.

Aditi Mittal (IND):
Aditi Mittal is an actress, writer, voice over artist and a stand-up comic. Dynamite on stage and screen, she`s also a member of India`s first Improv group `The Cardinal Bengans,` has appeared on CNN-IBN`s Phenking News with Cyrus Brocha and is a regular on Jay Hind, India`s first online stand-up show. She has also featured in Time Magazine`s ``People we would never feature in Time Magazine.`` From eve teasing to the animal kingdom, nothing escapes Aditi`s comic radar.


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