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Neville Shah,Sanjay Manaktala,Vasu Primlani & Sahi (A)

Neville Shah,Sanjay Manaktala,Vasu Primlani & Sahi (A)

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Artists: Neville Shah, Sanjay Manaktala, Vasu Primlani, Sahil Shah
Neville Shah
Neville is a writer and currently a creative director at an ad agency. He is also half Parsi and Half Gujju, making him very confused and very angry. Often deprecating, Neville has a unique (read: strange) view on life. His insightful wit,conversational delivery and honest angst, make his humor relatable and sometimes oddly poignant. He also insists that he his mothers son.

Sanjay Manaktala
At a very young age Sanjay Manaktala started stand up comedy at Los Angeles, is now back in India with the humor ranging from observing strange advertisements to the complexities of the Java programming language.

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah is a muscular, tall and incredibly handsome comedian, in his dreams. His off-center one liners have taken hiscomedy across the country, with shows in over 6 cities. Hes one of the founding members of the comedy company, EastIndia Co.medy. Hes considered one of Indias most promising young comedians HonestlyGod Promise.

Vasu Primlani
Vasu Primlani is a celebrated comic, and has been seen on national and international media. Her stand-up comedy is based on a scintillating look at life through the environment, based on her work in the United States, inter personal relationships, seeing India through new eyes (including how George Bush is like her mother), gender politics, men vs. women, climate change, environmental messaging, politics in a social context, a literary look at comedy, and experiences of an immigrant bumping into the culture and the laws of the United States.
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