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Parvaaz (A)

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Artists: Parvaaz
All about Parvaaz

Main Artist: Parvaaz
Parvaaz was formed in march 2010 by Kashif Iqbal, Khalid Ahmed and Neil Simon. Kashif and Khalid, two childhood friends met after a gap of three years while studying in Bangalore. Both had been involved with music individually, Kashif had been singing for the Delhi based Blank Noize since 2006 but because of the distance between two cities, that project had gone on the backburner after the launch of their second album Pukar. Khalid on the other hand, had been working on a solo project.

After meeting Khalid, the two had their first jam session at a friends place and at 3am one morning and came up with their first song together. Although it was a rough structure, the two found a common wavelength, musically. Neil had been playing guitar along with Kashif for a couple of bands in bangalore, and the two had a few compositions of their own. Parvaaz`s first official gig came at a college festival where they had Khalid on Vocals, Kashif on Lead Guitar, Neil on bass and Adarsh Deokota on Rhythm. It was an acoustic show where the band just played two songs. Surprisingly for them, the crowd response was overwhelming and this gave birth to the notion of starting a band. Somarshi Bhattacharya (Shomu), drummer for the band Dead Incarnation was chosen after a few auditions and Parvaaz was ready in total.

The three months that followed, saw Parvaaz participate in various college level competitions. This period can be termed one of the most crucial times in the band`s history as the boost from winning 5 of these competitions in a row, motivated all the members to change this otherwise temporary project into a fulltime pursuit.

Around october 2010, the band qualified for the finals of Zee Aspire - a talent hunt by Zee TV. For the finale they had to fly to Shillong. Since Shomu wasn`t able to join the band, they roped in Sachin Banandur, a common friend, who was previously a part of Insane with his brother Chetan Banandur. They ultimately won the competition and realised that Sachin`s intricate drumming and percussions added a new dimension to the sound and by December 2010, he was a permanent member.

In March 2011, the band went four-piece after Adarsh left due to other commitments. The quartet of Kashif, Khalid, Sachin and Neil now started work on their first single Dil Khush, an eight and a half minute track with a 3 minute drum solo, released 3rd July 2011. The first reviews of the band were comparisons with a 60`s psychedelic era with shades of Led Zeppellin, Pink Floyd and The Doors. By this time the band had gathered a decent fan following, mostly due to an epic performance at The Fireflies Festival of Music and Arts held earlier that year in Bangalore.

After the release of Dil Khush, Parvaaz started gigging heavily, at fes
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