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Rohan Joshi, Rajneesh Kapoor, Karan Talwar, Aadar (A)

Rohan Joshi, Rajneesh Kapoor, Karan Talwar, Aadar (A)

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Artists: Rohan Joshi, Rajneesh Kapoor, Karan Talwar, Aadar Malik
Rohan Joshi (IND):
Rohan Joshi is a stand-up comedian, writer, columnist, and occasional screenwriter. He used to be a full-time journalist, and it was this strong background in the highest form of Indian comedy that there is, that inspired him to quit, and pursue comedy full-time. From opening for Vir Das to performing at the Fringe Festival, Edinburgh in 2011, Rohan has spent the last few years performing around India, and indeed, around the world. When he`s not doing stand-up at comedy-clubs or for corporate clients, he`s a member of Weirdass Comedy, India`s first and foremost comedy consultancy, and improv troupe, the Cardinal Bengans. He is also a humour-columnist for the Mid-Day, one of Mumbai`s largest tabloids. As a stand-up comedian, Rohan`s material is political, observational, and adult in its sensibilities. Note however that ``adult`` does not always mean mature. Rohan resents the suggestion that he might in fact be mature. TIME Magazine put Rohan at #1 on their 100 Most Influential People Who Might Lie About TIME Magazine Statistics List, and Newsweek calls Rohan Huh? Who?

Rajneesh Kapoor (IND):
Rajneesh Kapoor is the creator of comic strip `This is our Life`. His clean and idea driven Comedy is just a new way oflooking at the same old world. He also loves cats, music, people and more cats.

Karan Talwar (IND):
Karan Talwar is a Stand-up Comedian from Mumbai, India. He spent a decade in the United States where he gainedexperience and lost all his hair. After graduating with a useless degree in Business, Karan returned to Mumbai and began experimenting with comedy. Karan can be slightly grotesque and even politically incorrect at times but he does not hate anyone, except those who takes things too seriously.

Aadar Malik (IND):
Aadar Malik is an actor (lead in Indo-Canadian film ``Under the Same Sun``, to be released at various Intl. Film festivalsacross the world). He began performing standup comedy after portraying the character of a comic for his play, ``Papier mch petals``(thespo12 festival). Being a musician, writer, singer, he enjoys mixing music with his comedy. An avid hater of pickup lines, he prefers impressing women with his guitar.
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