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Sahil Shah, Vipul, Neeti Palta, Sanjay, Karunesh (A)

Sahil Shah, Vipul, Neeti Palta, Sanjay, Karunesh (A)

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Artists: Sahil Shah, Vipul Goyal, Neeti Palta, Sanjay Manaktala, Karunesh Talwar
Sahil Shah (IND):
Sahil Shah is a muscular, tall and incredibly handsome comedian, in his dreams. His off-center one liners have taken his comedy across the country, with shows in over 6 cities. Hes one of the founding members of the comedy company, East India Co.medy. Hes considered one of Indias most promising young comedians HonestlyGod Promise.

Vipul Goyal (IND):
Vipul Goyal is an Electrical Engineering graduate from IIT Bombay. Fresh out of college, he worked as a retail analyst in Adventity Inc. for 6 months, but soon realised that his heart was in H.R. where HR stands for HUMOR Resources. He mixed Laughs & Entrepreneurship and soon founded the most Unique HR firm ``Humorously Yours`` which has since been pioneers in Stand Up Comedy & Entertainment Shows. Given his originality and clean witty content, within a very short span of time he has entertained the audience at all the major public platforms ranging from college festivals to their alumni meets to corporate summits. As he humorously puts it, he has the distinction of being the only stand up comic in India who performs in 4 different languages, English, Hindi, Java and C++.

Neeti Palta (IND):
Ever since her big brother gave her a black eye for writing non-flattering limericks about him, Neeti Palta knew she had a talent for earning her bruises. An ex-advertising, ex-TV writer, ex-shy person, she is just the kind of girl your mommy would like you to marry then beat up for daily exercise. Being a Delhi girl and not getting enough attention as it is, Neeti decided to take to the stage and ensure shes not the only one with weirdly deep laugh lines.She has been entertaining audiences in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore for the past 2 years.

Sanjay Manaktala:
At a very young age Sanjay Manaktala started stand up comedy at Los Angeles, is now back in India with the humor ranging from observing strange advertisements to the complexities of the Java programming language.

Karunesh Talwar (IND):
Karunesh Talwar is a young comic and writer who made his way into the local comedy scene by winning several open mic competitions, including the Comedy Store`s RAW. When not doing stand-up, he can be found doing other things. Also, he`s 1/7 billionth the population of the world.
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