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`SAPTHA RASA` A Musical Journey

`SAPTHA RASA` A Musical Journey

1 hr 30 mins

No shows scheduled for now

Artists: Paul Jacob, Donan Murray, Sumesh, Venkat , Goutam Das Baul, Rabi Mondal, Embar Kannan, Sathyanarayan, Sumesh, Krishna Kishore, Mukhtiyar Ali, Pandit S. Ballesh , Krishna Ballesh, Charulata Mani, Velmurugan, Dr. Ambika Kameshwar
`Saptharasa` is considered as the seven main elements of music in its most classical form. It is derived from Navrasa which is the guiding central philosophy of music.

Details about the Schedule and the Performers are as follows:

December 2nd - SATYABODHI feat. Paul Jacob, Donan Murray, Sumesh & Venkat.

December 3rd - RUHANIYAT by RED EARTH CYCLE feat. Goutam Das Baul, Rabi Mondal, Satyaki & Sajib Sarkar from Kolkata.

December 4th - CROSSROADS feat. Embar Kannan, Sathyanarayan, Sumesh, Krishna Kishore & Mani.

December 5th - Sufi & The Soul by Mukhtiyar Ali.

December 6th - RAS BARSE feat. Pandit S. Ballesh & Krishna Ballesh.

December 7th - MANNIN MANAM by Charulata Mani & Velmurugan.

December 8th - CLASSICAL TRINITY feat. Kalaimamani Dr. Ambika Kameshwar.
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