Self Hypnosis for Mediation in Mumbai

Self Hypnosis for Mediation in Mumbai

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Self Hypnosis for Meditation
Learn to relax yourself, get in touch with your unconscious mind and reprogram it with positive suggestions. It means hypnotizing the Self while providing affirmative positive suggestions. Self-hypnosis in its greatest use needs to be in the service of meditation.

It makes the mind more alert and focused i.e ones awareness and alertness are heightened. It is a useful tool for achieving deep relaxation and an effective stress management technique used by us in our Meditation Programs.

Change what you dont like in your life, change your habits & improve yourself to effect the relationship.
Be healthy & manage your weight.
Duration: 1 hour a day for 7 days.
Includes live recorded CD, Material & Certificate
Target Audience: Anyone

Dr. Ronak Gandhi who is the Founder of Loving The Way of the Heart offering Active, Passive & Social Meditations, Therapeutic Meditation like Aum, Self-Hypnosis, Chi Kung and Zen Archery (Kyudo) to cope up with stress & bring inner joy in present day life to individuals, corporates, schools & colleges in India & abroad.

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