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Singer Songwriter Night (A)

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ARTISTS Winit Tikoo, Siddhant Bhosle, Sumit Patwari, Alisha Pais
Main Artists : Siddhant Bhosle, Sumit Patwari, Alisha Pias, Winit Tikoo

BlueFrog has always been involved in promoting young musicians and we've seen some amazing talent coming out in the last few years. Our singer-songwriter nights have seen some of the best musicians together on one night... Come and discover the real stars of today's Indian music scene!

Alisha Pais
Alisha Pais is a singer-songwriter from Mumbai who plays folk-rock and alternative music. She is one half of the all-girl duo Middle Sister. Alisha has played at the NH7 Weekender in 2010 and 2011, and also at Sunburn 2011. As a sessions musician she has played with BramFutura and The Petri Dish Project.

Winit Tikoo
Winit Tikoo is a singer/songwriter currently based in Mumbai. Born and brought up in Kashmir, a deep influence/reflection of the sufi tradition of the region and the earthy, Urdu influenced poetry, can be found in his music. Combined with other musical influences, which primarily comprise of Blues based Rock n Roll, Grunge, Alternative and, as he says, ''Any good music played on musical instruments'', Winit Tikoo's sound has developed into a unique amalgamation of these musical expressions with Hindi / Urdu as the poetic vehicle.

Siddhant Bhosle
Siddhant Bhosle is a singer/songwriter from Mumbai. Trained in Indian classical music since the age of 5, Siddhant has been a part of the Bollywood film industry, and has been performing in concerts with his father, singer Sudesh Bhosle. He has lent his voice to many jingles, and sung for Hindi and Marathi films. Apart from his Indian musical endeavours, Siddhant is equally interested in western music.

He has been learning the guitar and the drums, and the love for these instruments has further helped him to compose music. He enjoys performing Live, and has started off with his early sets at the blueFROG. The lead singer and guitarist of his band Red Seems Right, Siddhant loves music spanning from alternate rock to hard rock to progressive metal.

Sumit Patwari
Sumit Patwari plays solo as a singer/songwriter. He was part of the band 'Altered Reality' briefly, as a bassist. Music is the driving force in his life, a major reason why he left Kashmir for Mumbai - to pursue his musical aspirations. He likes playing to all kinds of audiences and loves it when they encourage that part of him which comes alive while he is performing.

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