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All about Blek & Bay Beat Collective & Bombay Bassment & The Ska Vengers

The Ska Vengers
ska/sk/noun: a modern style of Jamaican popular music, which emerged in the 1950s as a blend of African-Jamaican folk music, calypso, American jazz, rhythm and blues, notable for its fast shuffling, scratch like tempo and jazz like horn riffs with a heavy accent on the offbeat.

The Ska Vengers is a new Delhi based band that blends ska rhythms with elements of dub, punk, jazz and rap to come up with a form of music that is refreshingly different, energetic and highly danceable. Keys man, Stefan Kaye rounded up a few of his musician friends to form the band in the fall of 2009.

Bombay Bassment
Bombay Bassment was perhaps Indian indie musics most pleasant surprise of the last 12 months. A group that by their own description is closer to The Roots than to 50 Cent, and has been winning new fans with every gig they play. We wanted to make it a band because the kind of hip hop we appreciate is closer to what you could call old school, said rapper and de facto frontman Robert Bob Omulo.

Bay Beat Collective
Voted # 1 Drum N Bass / Dubstep DJ by for 2009 - 2010, BBC (Bay Beat Collective) is a DJ collective consisting of Kris Correya, Sohail Arora & Raffael Kably. The Mumbai-based BBC formed in response to the abundance of standard-issue electronica so commonly heard in clubs and bars across the country. The BBC`s passion lies in drum & bass, breaks, dubstep, glitch, funk and minimal sounds.

BLEK (fomerly Blech) is an all original alternative trio with no idea of what their genre really is. This 3 piece act is made up of Jared Creado on the bass, Varoon Aiyer (Split) on drums, and Rishi Bradoo on guitars and vocals.

Their meeting was a result of idleness, flunky frustration, and the failure of one of them to speak un-anglicized Hindi. Each of them brings a different style and influence to their music. Rolling Stone magazine refers to them as the ``Bombay based cousins of The Supersonics`` and the best way to experience this band, is to watch them perform live while they execute their trade-marked monkey dance.


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