SoulChais August event.

SoulChais August event.

5 hrs 30 mins

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Its time to give back to the community and the August Soul Chai event gives you an opportunity to do just that! Join us as we slice, dice, peel, mash, boil, roast, and cook up a delicious lunch for the 100 senior residents of the Friends In Need Society.

To add to the fun, we start the morning by picking, sorting, weighing up, choosing and bargaining for the freshest produce at Russell Market in true Masterchef Shivajinagar style. Followed by a short, 1 km walk lugging our 15-kilo bags! down Hazrat Kambal Posh Road to the arena.


Date: Saturday 25th August 2012

Duration: 7:30 am to 1:00 pm

Meeting point: 7:30 am sharp at the front gate of Russell Market.

What to bring: Your favourite chopping knife and vegetable peeler and a pair of swimming goggles (we will be chopping lots of onions!)

Contribution:Rs 1000 per head.

Sounds like just the shot of Soul Chai you need? Then come on over for a cuppa!

Soul Chai is a Bangalore-based community of women, by women, and for women. This event is the eighth event planned for the year. Events are designed to be enjoyable, enriching and based on themes like literature, music, dance, theatre, fitness, spirituality, giving back to the community, etc. All events will be at a different venue, with a varied menu and plenty of chai.
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