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Stella By Starlight & Under The Influence

Stella By Starlight & Under The Influence

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All about Stella by Starlight & Under The Influence

Main Artist: Stella by Starlight

Stella By Starlight

They say Bombay winters do crazy things, that may explain why Shimol Sachdev and Hayden Scott decided to start Stella By Starlight on a chilly January evening in 2011. The project began with one very simple motive: to write simple, heart-felt songs for their loved ones. In late 2011, reconnecting with an old friend, Hayden got guitarist, djembe player and producer, Abhinav Saxena on board.

The pieces had fallen in place. With shades of folk and acoustic rock, Stella By Starlight have a stripped down, minimal approach to songwriting based on the belief that a guitar and voice can go a long way in crafting a meaningful and rich musical tapestry.

Under The Influence

Under The Influence is a two piece piano, driven alternative band comprising of Abhijit Lahiri (vocals and lyrics) and Ashutosh Thatte (tunes and piano). Started in January 2010, the band`s music is a melting pot of everything they love and listen to, from trip-hop, jazz and blues, funk, pop and electronica.

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