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Suchitra Pillai
She launched her debut solo album last year called Such Is Life, a bi-lingual (English and Hindi) pop, rock album for which she wrote the lyrics. She was nominated forBest Female Vocalist for the Rolling Stone Jack Daniels Rock Music Awards and also for Best Female Artist for the Artist Aloud Pop Music Awards, a first for a debut artist to be nominated in two different genres.

She is in the process of working on her 2nd album now with Ashish Painoli who was the music director of the first album as well. She also performs with her whole band which has a very interesting crew: 15 and a half year old, Mohini Dey on Bass, Sapna Desai on the drums, Ashish, the lead guitarist and Joel on the keyboards. She has recently worked on two tracks with a music producer from the UK, James Elias on a venture called The Angel Connection which is purely English Dance and on the lines of Euro Pop music.

Those intending to release this singles in the near future are also planning a music video. Internationally, she has sung on albums for Talvin Singh, Kula Shaker and Rachid Taha. She has also appeared in music videos for Apache Indian, Bally Sagoo, Basia, Oasis, Rachid Taha and Zazie.

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