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All about Sur

Main Artist: Sur
Sur consists of musicians who are both experienced. They are comprised of the classic formation of bass, drums, guitar and vocals along with the mridangam or tabla, percussions, keyboard and the flute. Suresh Mendoza is on the bass, his intelligent attack and styling are a crucial aspect of the bands sound. Glenn Fernandes is their guitarist, his expressive and powerful rhythms, creative melodic ideas, provide a unique sound and feel to the band.

Nitin Ramesh has machine-gun timing on the drums and can still lace each beat with an infectious groove. The lead vocalist, Arunima Bhattacharya has trained in Hindustani Classical Music while she was a child and weaves a spell with her melodious voice. Gautam Sharma is on the mridangam or tabla and percussion while Shashank Acharya is the band`s flutist and Umang Doshi plays the keyboard.

The band has an energetic sound which can be associated with genres like funk-rock, blues, alternative and jazz, all of which are stylized with Indian classical music ragas and rhythms. Some of their influences include Indian folk music, Jamiroquai, Level 42, etc.

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