Tanmay Bhat, Daniel, Abijit, Sorabh Pant (A) in

Tanmay Bhat, Daniel, Abijit, Sorabh Pant (A)

Stand-Up Comedy English

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ARTISTS Sorabh Pant, Tanmay Bhat, Daniel Fernandes, Abijit Ganguly
Tanmay Bhat (IND):
Tanmay with his unmistakable wit and unmatched observational humor can bring the grimmest of houses rolling withlaughter! From improvisation to naughty antics, Tanmay is an act you shouldn`t miss!

Daniel Fernandes (IND):
Daniel Fernandes bid adieu to a career in advertising and took to stand up comedy last year. His material is based on hisexperiences with travel, 69 failed relationships and his favorite Indian community amongst other things. He feels pretty much anything he has to face in life has comic potential so why not just laugh it off and pretend it never happened?

Abijit Ganguly (IND):
Abijit Ganguly is a Bengali Boy, born in Bangalore, raised in Delhi, influence by Punjabi culture, dating a Gujrati girl who lives in Noida, UP. Basically, he`s Mr India. Not as in capable of turning invisible or anything but you know what we mean. He has been trying very hard to shift to political comedy, but has realized he`s just not that intelligent or angry with life. Does a lot of sex comedy (which is pretty ironical) and is known in the Delhi comedy circuit for his random sets on racism, pigeons, media and his Indica car.

Sorabh Pant (IND):
Touted as, ``One of India`s top ten comedians``, by The Times Of India, Sorabh is one of the country`s most traveledcomedians with his solo show, ``Pant on Fire`` having done over 150 shows in 16 cities in two years. He received just three death threats and lost most of his hair, but, it was worth it for the frequent flier miles.
His comedy style veers toward exaggeration, hyperbole and some of the worst accent portrayals in human history. Suspicions of substance abuse upon seeing him on stage are rife but, thus far, unproven.Recently, he has also proved that he can read and write by releasing his debut novel, ``The Wednesday Soul


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