The Family Cheese (A)

The Family Cheese (A)

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The Family Cheese makes live music an unforgettable experience, playing genres of music ranging from the blues, Carnatic, jazz, hard rock, alternative to electronica, drum `n` bass and Psychedelic acid jazz. The trio got together in September 2011 while they were attending Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music. Yohan Marshall and Apurv Isaac were jamming one day in an ensemble room at S.A.M. when new student Homi Rustumji walked in and asked if he could play - the rest is history. When these three get on stage as they will leave you laughing, shocked and screaming for more.

Within a month of their getting together they were playing gigs in Chennai, Pondicherry, Bangalore etc. performing at venues like Havana, Star Rock, 10 downing street, Le Royal Meridian, Geoffries pub, B flat, Kyra, Taj Westend and more.

Some of their major accomplishments include:

Chennai live Band hunt - Winners
India Todays Mind Rocks-Youth Summit - Winners
IIT Madras (Saarang) - Runners up, Best drummer
IIT Kharagpur (Spring-fest) - Second place, Best guitarist, bassist, drummer and vocalist.

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