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Tomar Surer Dhara

Tomar Surer Dhara


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The show is mainly designed to expose non-bengali audiences to the music and poetry world of Tagore. The concert will have a mix of the original bangla works as well as songs translated in Hindi and Gujarati as well as recitations from Geetanjali in english There will also be Tunes of Rabindranath adapted to fresh lyrics for hindi films by film music directors such as Pankaj Mulick, Anil Biswas, Naushad, S D Burman, Salil Chaudhuri and others.

The show will give a glimpse of some wonderful gems from the vast reservoir of Tagores exceptionally melodious and poetic works. Conceived and presented by Music composer, sitar player, writer, Tushar Bhatia, the evening will also highlight the influence of Tagore`s writing iver the next generation of writers in Hindi and Gujarati.

The programme will also feature a Grand - piano accompaniment by Mr Deepak Shah along with other musicians.
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